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Our company presently offers two HYYS apian products on wholesale basis, namely Potent Royal Jelly and Queen Bee Placenta Essence. (Test Reports>>>


 Potent Royal Jelly, as by its name, is the royal jelly of high health effectiveness, which is attributed to the careful selection of the top quality of the raw material, i.e., cryogenically stored fresh royal jelly , and the adoption of the advanced processing technologies in manufacturing. Although the price of HYYS Potent Royal Jelly is one of  the most expensive royal jellies, if not the only one, in the world,  the remarkable health effectiveness is worthier than the monetary value of the Potent Royal Jelly product itself.


The health effectiveness of the Queen Bee Placenta Essence, though having some differences in health benefits, has the same level as the Potent Royal Jelly due to the same raw material selection criteria and production technologies and processes used by the Potent Royal Jelly .      

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Potent Royal Jelly


Queen Bee Placenta Essence


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