Potent Royal Jelly Product Reference Information


Product Reference Information  

(The information below is for reference only and should not be used as the material or a basis for the treatment of any diseases or physiological problems of the human bodies unless under supervision of the medical professionals.)

HYYS Potent Royal Jelly is made from the fresh royal jelly raw material collected from the apiaries of the pollution-free virgin forest, Mount Dahong, Shen Nong Jia Forest District, being renowned as “Home of Hundreds of Flowers” and “Natural Grand Herbal Garden”, in Hubei Province, China. Consuming royal jelly as the health food has been a long history in China or other countries. However, what are the health benefits of royal jelly? What are the differences between HYYS Potent Royal Jelly and other royal jelly products? The information below, hopefully, provides some of the answers and references to the questions concerned.

What is Royal Jelly?

Fresh royal Jelly is a sticky and opalescent liquid with tart, acerbic and a little sweet taste made by the worker bees (also called nurse bees) for the nutrition of the larvae and the queen bees. It is the secretion produced from the hypopharyngeal glands in the heads of the worker bees for feeding all young larvae in the first 2 – 3 days after the eggs laid and hatched by the queen bee, and being as the specific food for the larva chosen to grow to be the queen bee in its whole life time. The worker bee larvae are fed on royal jelly in the first 3 days of their lives. After this 3-day maturation process, the worker bee larvae reach the maximum development with the body weights gained about 250 times. The worker bee larvae are then be fed with honey and pollen while the queen bee larva is continually fed on royal jelly for its whole life period. The body length and weight of a queen bee are about double and triple respectively of the worker bees. The life span of worker bees is about 35 – 40 days while the queen bee could live from 5 to 6 years. It means the nourishment from royal jelly taken by the queen could prolong her life up to around 50 times that of common worker bees. A queen bee can lay about 1500 – 2000 eggs per day with the total weight of the eggs 2.5 times of the queen bee. It implies the possession of tremendous energy and fertility by a queen bee as a result of taking the royal jelly.

What is the composition of Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is a natural substance of multiple nutrients which are of complex chemical structures. The detailed chemical make-up of royal jelly remains a secret. However, the fresh royal jelly basically consists of



63% ~ 70% (ave. 67%)


12% to 13%

Sugar (incl. fructose & glucose)

11% to 12%

Lipids (mainly medium-chained hydroxyl fatty acids)

5% to 6%

Trace Minerals

0.8% to 1.5%


There are about 3% unknown and highly potent substances, which relate to the factors of longevity of the queen bees, are given the name of ‘R’ substances by adopting the first letter of royal jelly. The detailed chemical structures of the ‘R’ substances are not known.

The studies on the composition of the royal jelly in the last several decades reveal that the royal jelly contains at least 18 amino acids, especially rich in cysteine, lysine and arginine, various vitamins, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and different trace minerals. Regarding to the composition of vitamins, royal jelly contains mainly the Vitamin B-complex. According to the data released from the USDA (The United States of Department of Agriculture), each gram of royal jelly has

-Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 1.5 – 7.4 mg 

- Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 5.3 – 10.0 mg  

-Vitamin B3 (Niacin)91.0 – 149.0 mg

-  Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 65.0 – 200.0 mg  

-  Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2.2 – 10.2 mg                     

- Vitamin B7 (Biotin) 0.9 – 3.7 mg 

- Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) 0.16 - 0.50 mg


Royal jelly also contains Vitamins A, C, D & E in trace quantity while Vitamin B-complex is relatively rich, especially Vitamins B3 and B5. Vitamin B5 is 17 times more than that found in dry pollen. The richness of Vitamin B5 in royal jelly is in the top place amongst all natural foods. Vitamins B3 and B5 play the important roles in regulating the cholesterol level.

One of the well-known and major fatty acids in royal jelly is 10-HDA (10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid). A protein (or peptide), called Royalisin(i), part of ‘R’ substances, was found by the Japanese scientists in 1990, in royal jelly. Both 10-HDA and Royalisin are of antibacterial functions. These two substances are only found naturally in royal jelly.   

The trace minerals in royal jelly include calcium, copper, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, silicon and sulfur.  

What are the health benefits or goodness of Royal Jelly?

The composition of royal jelly, though not wholly known, tells the goodness and benefits of royal jelly that can offer to the health of human being. From the relatively long history of taking royally jelly in the world and the recent scientific studies and experiments of royal jelly, the health benefits and goodness of royal jelly can be summarized as below,

Invigorate energy

Promote immunity

Improve metabolism

● Assist in growth and health recovery

Modulate emotion due to depression  

● Stimulate and regenerate nervous systems

Repair and nourish skin cells – revitalize skin

● Lower blood lipids and cholesterol

Prevent formation of fatty liver

● Improve digestion system

● Improve fertility

● Promote sexual rejuvenation

Assist in cancer treatment due to sarcoma

● Assist in the treatment of hyperfunction of thyroid gland

● Assist in the prevention and treatment of prostate disorders

● Retard aging

Each individual component of royal jelly contributes to one or more health benefits. However, the health beneficial functions will be augmented in terms of strength and diversity while the combination of different components of royal jelly, though in microgram quantities, act synergistically or with co-enzymes as catalysts. Therefore, the complex nutrients of royal jelly contribute more health benefits than the above known ones because more benefits have yet to be found by clinical and scientific studies in respect to the areas of physiology, pathology, pharmacology and other related subjects.

(1)   Invigorate Energy

Royal jelly is known of its ability to elevate body energy. People, who suffer from the chronic fatigue due to physiological weakness or aging problems, will be benefited from taking the royal jelly in long term. Life energy, stamina, and vitality become increasingly important when we are not in our twenties anymore. People in middle ages, especially women in menopause, usually face a problem of middle age laziness. The synergistic results of the complex ingredients of royal jelly, such as promotion of immunity, alleviation of depression or stress, improvement of sleeping quality…etc., contribute the elevation of the body energy. The variety of proteins, amino acids and Vitamin B-complex in the royal jelly are the major sources for the elevation of body energy, especially the richness in Vitamin B5. One of the functions of Vitamin B5 is used for biosynthesis of acetylcholine, which is essential for invigorating the nerve systems of human body, forming a key part of energy elevation. According to the article published in Archives of Family Medicine in 1993 by two Harvard University scientists, Morris and Stahl, royal jelly has the function of improving the chronic fatigue syndrome after their study on royal jelly.

Although you will feel younger after taking our Potent Royal Jelly, please do not forget to do suitable physical exercises every day. The combination of our royal jelly and the physical exercises will certainly further boost your energy and make you feel like the healthy youngsters.

(2)   Promote Immunity

The variety of amino acids and gamma globulin contained in royal jelly help the body immune system to fight the infections. One of the unique ingredients of royal jelly, 10-HDA, which is the only natural peptide of this type found in royal jelly, is a proven substance with antibiotic functions. 10-HDA can kill a number of bacteria, microbes and viruses. Another unique ingredient, Royalisin, a type of proteins in royal jelly found by the Japanese scientists nearly two decades ago, which works like the defensin, possesses the antibiotic properties against Gram-positive bacteria, i.e., Bacillus, Listeria, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus and Clostridium. 

Trace element zinc possesses the antibacterial function, especially in the GI tract and against the cold & flu.

Royal jelly is a natural and potent antibiotic food without any by-effect. The synergistic functions of 10-HDA, Royalisin and other substances in the royal jelly help to strengthen the self-immune system of the human bodies.  People who take  the royal jelly in the long term will find the benefit of being less affected by cold or flu and gaining different degree of relief from nasal allergic (or rhinitis-like) symptoms.

(3)   Improve Metabolism

Many factors influence the metabolism of a human body, such as age, health status, living habits (including the diet, rest, physical exercises, emotional management…etc). The status of the metabolism is the comprehensive result of the status of cell activities, nervous system activities, endocrine system activities, hematosis and other related body activities.

The vitamins in the royal jelly play the important roles in the activities of cells, nervous systems, the endocrine system and hematosis. Vitamin B5 is used in the synthesis of CoA (Coenzyme A), which is important in cellular respiration. Also Vitamin B5 is a vital substance for the biosynthesis of many important compounds, such as fatty acids, good cholesterol and acetylcholine. Vitamins B6, B9 and C are part of essential nutrients for those who suffer from anemia. Vitamin B-complex has the key role in regulating the nervous systems. 

The other amino acids and the trace minerals in the royal jelly also contribute the key improvement of the metabolism. Some of the essential amino acids such as lysine, cystine and arginine, are essential for the metabolic activities. The trace elements, like K, Na, Fe & Zn, are part of the key elements in the cell metabolic and neurotransmission activities. For example, cells in the salivary gland, prostate, intestine and immune system use zinc signaling. 

(4)   Assist in Growth and Health Recovery   

 In addition to the fact of the double size and triple weight of the queen bees comparing to the worker bees, the Japanese scientists conducted a research(ii) that the silkworms fed on royal jelly grew faster than those fed without royal jelly.

Usually royal jelly is not recommended to children who have the normal growth. If the children or adolescents, who have the growth problems caused by dystrophy,   malnutrition or body weakness due to some illnesses, could be benefited from taking the royal jelly under the supervision of medical professionals.  One of the latest royal jelly research (ISBN 92-5-103812-9) conducted by R. Krell at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations showed that one of the health benefits of royal jelly was to help the underfed children to gain in weights, more hemoglobin and red blood cells. Vitamins C, B6 & B9 (folic acid) play the key role in hematosis, i.e., making more hemoglobin and red blood cells.

Royal jelly is a growth stimulant because the variety of proteins, amino acids(e.g., lysine, cystine), vitamins and trace minerals help to stimulate the metabolism and to improve the hematosis.

On the other hand, royal jelly, with the substances of 10-HDA, Royalisin, zinc and other nutrients, helps to accelerate the healing process for those who suffer from the infected diseases. The relatively fast wound healing effect is noticeable for the diabetic patients(iii). Generally, royal jelly helps the people with infected diseases to recover their health under the advice of medical professionals.

(5)     Modulate Emotion due to Depression

Royal Jelly is known for his calming effect on nervous, manic or depressed people. People, who have the emotional problems, usually appear in the critical points or stages in their lives. The critical points or stages in one’s life are, for examples

- Growing up , i.e., adolescent

- Exams

- Divorce

- Mourning

- Menopause

- Retiring  

Depression is often associated with the lack of energy. Like many other antioxidants, royal jelly is a powerful energizer which makes you feel full of energy. When we are full of energy, we will react differently during the critical stage or at the critical point of our life because of our positive thoughts enlivened by body energy. The royal jelly modulates, as agreed by some experts, the depression and emotional reactions of those caused by illnesses or depressive events because royal jelly is also a good and natural anxiolytics or nerve modulator.   

(6)     Stimulate and regenerate nervous systems

A human body has two major nervous systems, the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). PNS is divided into the Somatic Nervous Systems (SNS) and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Some people regard royal jelly as a pure acetylcholine because the richness of acetylcholine in royal jelly compared to other natural food. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter in both PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) and CNS (Central Nervous System).

Acetylcholine and the associated neurons form a neurotransmitter system in CNS, called cholinergic system, which tends to cause the excitatory actions. It is one of the causes of the excitation effect exerted on the cerebral cortex of the human brain, which leads to the elevation of sexual desire. Acetylcholine acts as a neuromodulator to keep the cholinergic system functioning normally so as to help to lower the possibility of memory deficits.

Acetylcholine, which activates muscles in the SNS with the function of stimulating skeletal muscle contraction, is a major neurotransmitter in ANS. While inducing the contraction of skeletal muscles, instead, acetylcholine induces decreased contraction in cardiac muscle fibres.    

Vitamin B-complex is essential nutrients for the nervous systems. Vitamin B5 plays an important role in the biosynthesis of acetylcholine in the human body. The richness of Vitamin B5 in royal jelly helps to produce a significant amount of acetylcholine in the body.  

The zinc element in the royal jelly has one of the roles as neurotransmitter after it is absorbed and turned into zinc ions by the human body. Cells in the salivary gland, intestine, prostate and immune system use zinc signaling. 

(7)   Repair and nourish skin cells – revitalize skin

The ancient Egyptians were famous for their beauty products, make-up and recipes for skin creams made with royal jelly in order to keep their faces tender and smooth against everyday’s harsh desert sandstorms. The ancient Egyptians believed that royal jelly would keep the Pharaoh’s body young and beautiful even after he passed away to the other life. They put the royal jelly next to the Pharaoh’s body amongst the precious jewels and gold articles. They also used royal jelly to repair the mummies.

The wisdom of the ancient Egyptians in royal jelly has been proved by the scientists recently with its potent antibiotic and antioxidative functions, which contributes to one of the factors of keeping the skin healthy.

The abundant natural Vitamin B-complex in royal jelly is one of the key nutritional substances in the revitalization of skin cells so as to keep the skin healthier and younger. The deficiencies in Vitamin B-complex cause skin disorders. Deficiency in Vitamin B2 causes ariboflavinosis which has the symptoms of cheilosis, high sensitivity to sunlight, glossitis (inflammation of tonque), seborrheic dermatitis and pharyngitis.  Deficiencies in Vitamin B3, along with a deficiency of tryptophan may cause pellagra. The lack of B6 may induce dermatitis.

The richness of Vitamin B5 in the royal jelly is used in the synthesis of CoA (Coenzyme A) which is important in cellular respiration with the role of the transfer of carbon atoms within cells. So Vitamin B5 plays part of the key roles in the cell metabolism, which in turn affects the health of skin cells.

Vitamins A, C & E present in royal jelly are the antioxidants to assist in keeping the skin cells healthy and young. Also, the other amino acids and proteins in the royal jelly are the good sources of providing sufficient nutrients to the human body for the biosynthesis of other antioxidants and biochemical essences within the body so as to nourish the different cells to give a more rejuvenated look.  

The zinc element present in the royal jelly also possesses antioxidant properties so as to protect against the premature aging of the skin and muscles of the body. Clinical studies have found that zinc, combined with other antioxidants (which are also present in royal jelly), may delay progression of age-related macular degeneration. Also zinc has one of the functions to assist in repairing the damaged skin cells, i.e., speeding up the healing process of skin injuries.

(8)   Lower blood lipids & cholesterol and adjustment of blood pressure

The results of a scientific study on the function of royal jelly against the cholesterol level of the human body carried out by the Shanghai Medical University(iv) (上海醫科大學)showed that the royal jelly not only lowered the total quantity of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood, but also raised the concentration of HDL (good cholesterol). In addition to the function of lowering the blood lipids and cholesterol, it was also found that royal jelly could reduce the concentration of the blood plasma fibrinogen being responsible for blood coagulation mechanism. It means that royal jelly has the function of preventing the occurrence of thrombus as well as atherosclerosis. The controlling function of the blood lipids and cholesterol is due to the synergistic reactions of the Vitamins B3 and B5  and other nutrients in the royal jelly after being ingested by the human bodies, which also induce the adjustment of the blood pressure.     

Oral intake or injection preparation showed that if a person took 70 – 150 mg of royal jelly every day, the person’s cholesterol level would be lowered by 16%. 

(9)   Prevent formation of fatty liver 

Another study(v) on royal jelly showed that royal jelly could lower the total fat and balance the lipid protein concentration in the liver. This is part of the functional roles of acetylcholine, Vitamins B complex and E in the royal jelly to prevent the formation of fatty liver.

(10)     Improve digestion system

The synergistic reactions of different proteins, amino acids, lipids, (e.g.,10-HDA, R1 active substance), vitamins(e.g. Vitamin B5) and trace minerals (e.g. Zn), help the stimulation of secretion of enzymes in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract for proper digestion and absorption of food nutrients ingested by the human body.

The antibacterial functions of the royal jelly assist in the treatment and recovery of stomach or duodenal ulcer and gastritis.  

(11)     Improve fertility

There are different factors causing the sterility of women (or men alike). Women who suffer from sterility caused by the endocrine system disorders or ovarian insufficiency may have a good chance to recover their fertility after taking the royal jelly. Besides the fact of the possession of the strong fertility by the queen bees, there have been cases reported the recovery of fertility of the sterile women due to health weakness after taking royal jelly.

A group of Japanese scientists(vi) conducted a research in a couple of years ago on the estrogenic activities of the fatty acids from royal jelly. In this research, four compounds from the royal jelly were isolated for the evaluation of the estrogenic activities on the immature mice by subcutaneous injection. These compounds were identified as 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decencoic acid, 10-hydroxydecanoic acid , trans-2-decenoic acid and 24-methylenecholesterol. The result showed that, after the aforesaid injection, the luminal epithelium of the uterus of the immature mice appeared to have mild hypertrophy without increase in uterine weight. This finding provided the evidence that these compounds contributed to the estrogenic effect of royal jelly.

However, the separation of part of the nutrients of the royal jelly, like the abovesaid research, for the particular research purposes only provide a corner of the picture regarding the different health functions or benefits of the royal jelly because the synergistic functions of different nutrients, including the separated nutrients for research studies, will enhance the effects on the health benefits concerned. So the nutrients of the royal jelly providing good nourishment to the ovaries and uterus and regulating the endocrine system in relation to the improvement of fertility are a proved fact.  

(12)     Promote sexual rejuvenation

One of the main causes of losing sexual power and desire is the lack of body energy. The lack of body energy may be attributed to

-  health weakness

-  illnesses or chronicle diseases

-  side-effects caused by drugs

-  exhaustion after work or physical exercises

-  depression or stress

Royal jelly helps to restore and promote the body energy for those suffering from the above causes. Besides the function of promoting the body energy, some nutrients in the royal jelly also have the role to assist in inducing the sexual desire through the functions of relaxation of blood vessels and excitation of the CNS (Central Nervous System). Taking royal jelly as the health supplement in long term will assist the healing and health recovery of those suffering from health weakness and chronicle diseases as well as the restoration of physiological functions of those suffering from depression, stress or side-effects caused by drugs.    

Combination of royal jelly with other natural food or herbs will certainly give a better and faster result in respect to the healing of impotence. However, like taking royal jelly in long term for the purpose of assisting the treatment of chronicle diseases, taking the combination of royal jelly with other natural food, herbs and/or drugs has to be under the advice of medical professionals 

(13)     Assist in cancer treatment due to sarcoma

According to the results of a research conducted by the Japanese scientists on the healing functions of cancer by royal jelly on the mice(vii) , the royal jelly could extend the life of the mice by 20% with sarcoma due to the shrinkage of the tumor cells nearly by half of the original tumor size, but without any effect for those with leukemia.   

An interesting survey was conducted in Bulgaria to find out the chances of the beekeepers having cancers against the normal persons. The result of the survey showed that there was 20% less cancer deaths of the beekeepers in comparison to the normal population. The survey concluded that living in peace with nature and consuming more honey, pollen and royal jelly in their daily lives constituted the main factors for the less chances of getting cancers by the beekeepers.    


On the other hand, royal jelly has been found to have function of reducing the side-effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


According to the news reported by the Austrian Press Agency on 16 December, 2008, the Austrian scientists from the Institute for Pathophysiology, the Department of Medicinal Biotechnology of the Medical University of Vienna and the University Of Vienna’s Clinic of Dermatology jointly developed a new anti-skin cancer vaccine, called “Mimotop”, for the treatment of melanoma. The preliminary test results on animals, which were published on the international professional journal “Clinical Cancer Research”, showed that the anti-tumor vaccine could significantly slow the growth of melanoma. The vaccine includes nine kinds of amino acids and part of the structure of antigens of melanoma. As explained by the Austrian scientists, the experiments proved that the vaccine could stimulate the body to produce self-resistance, which meant that a special antibody was produced to actively combat melanoma. The development of the anti-skin cancer vaccine based on the multi-amino acids and an antigen by the Austrian scientists and the test results have given an enlightenment or the explanation on the anti-tumor effect through the right combination of amino acids and the right antigens so as to increase the immunity of the body through the self-generation of antibody against the cancer cells. Royal jelly, which contains multi-amino acids, fatty acids and trace elements, undoubtedly offers the anti-tumor capability to certain extent, as initially proved by the Japanese scientists, through the enhancement of body immunity.  


More researches have yet to be conducted to prove the healing effect of royal jelly against sarcoma. But one thing is sure that, regarding the auxiliary treatment functions of royal jelly against sarcoma, the improvement of immune system of the human body by royal jelly helps the fight against tumors to certain extent.

(14)       Assist in the treatment of hyperfunction of thyroid gland

Professor Lin Sung-chao (林松洲教授) of Taipei Medical University (台北醫學大學) recently discovered that the main cause of inflicting the hyperfunction of thyroid gland on ladies in the reproductive age period was due to the deficiency of the immune system against Graves’ disease. The symptoms of this disease are shivering, speed-up of heartbeat and insomnia.  Prof. Lin found that royal jelly could regulate the immune system of the patients of Graves’ disease so that the aforesaid symptoms could be relieved. Prof. Lin expected that royal jelly could play a key part in the treatment of the hyperthyroidism.

As explained by Prof. Lin, Type I and Type II of the T auxiliary cells in the body were usually in the balance state under normal circumstances. People in the modern days had been living under tremendous pressure and had the chances of insufficient ingestion of Vitamins B1 and B2 so as to induce the disorders of the immune system. As a result, Type II of T auxiliary cells overwhelmed to cause the abnormal increase of the concentration of the thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor antibody (TSHR Ab), which is the key factor of causing the Graves’ disease. According to Prof. Lin, the most frustrating agony that the patients of Graves’ disease had was the reoccurrence of the disease after treatments. As discovered from the researches in immunology, keeping the low concentration of TSHR Ab would reduce such chance of reoccurrence.

From the initial experiment conducted by Prof. Lin on the immunity effect by royal jelly, the result showed that royal jelly distinctively improved the immune system, which in turn increased the kinase of Type I of T auxiliary cells and reduced the concentration of TSHR Ab. So the immune system was back to normal and the antigen of hyperthyroidism was generated.

(15)         Assist in the prevention and treatment of prostate disorders

Prostate disorders include prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

There are different forms of prostatitis with different causes and outcomes. Usually the bacteria-related prostatitis, either acute or chronic, can be treated by antibiotics prescribed by the medical doctors. After being treated by the antibiotics, the reoccurrence of the bacterial prostatitis can be prevented by taking the royal jelly. Of course, if taking the royal jelly in long term will prevent, or at least lower the chances of having, prostatitis because royal jelly is a natural antibiotic. Regarding the treatment of bacterial prostatitis, royal jelly could play an auxiliary role under the supervision of the medical doctors.

The chronic non-bacterial prostatitis or male chronic pelvic pain syndrome, which comprises about 95% of prostatitis diagnoses, is treated with a variety of methods or means, such as alpha blockers, phytotherapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, antihistamine, nerve modulators, anxiolytics…etc. Royal jelly is a good and natural antihistamine, nerve modulator and anxiolytics with the comprehensive nutrients it contains. Taking royal jelly in long term will help the relief, at least partially if not totally, of the pain caused by the chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

BPH occurs more often in the men over 50 years old. The prostate often enlarges to the point to obstruct the normal urination or/and to increase the frequency of urination. One of the causes of inducing BHP is the dense accumulations of calcified proteinic material, amyloid, in the ducts of the men’s prostates. The amyloid would obstruct the lumens of the prostatic ducts. The deposition of amyloid in the prostatic ducts is partly caused by the slow metabolic functions which usually happen in the men of old age.  Another main reason for causing the BPH is the imbalance of male and female hormones in the body, which is brought about by many factors, including the malfunction of the regulation and control of the endocrine system and the physiological deficiencies of the organs in the human body. The imbalance of the sexual hormones, which usually happens to the elderly male, gives rise to the over production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) from testosterone, resulting the hyperplasia of the prostatic duct. Royal jelly acts like the estrogen on the hormone receptor level, i.e., activation of certain estrogen receptors, to counter the male hormone, so that the bio-reaction of suppression of the DHT takes place. As a result, the hyperplasia of the prostatic duct is reversed to the nearly normal state. On the other hand, royal jelly has the regulating function on the smooth muscle of bladder urethra and, through the functions of the amino acids like glutamic acid, poline…etc., improves the blood circulation of the prostate system, enabling the alleviation of the edema and the relief of the obstruction of the urethra due to prostatic hyperplasia.

Statistical observations suggest that a diet low in fat and red meat and high in protein and vegetables, as well as regular alcohol consumption with adequate amount, could protect against BPH. Men are not encouraged to use the excuse of lowering the risk of having BPH to consume more alcohol. However, the infliction of BPH due to the degradation of metabolism of the body could be prevented by the careful diet. Royal jelly, not only plays a part in the promotion of metabolism, is also a good diet supplement to prevent the accumulation of the amyloid in the prostatic ducts.

The chemical substance, cernilton(viii), present in royal jelly, propolis or pollen, is a potent substance in dealing with BPH. The element zinc is an effective element in treating the prostatitis. Also 10-HDA and Royalisin are potent antibiotic for the treatment of the inflammations.

It has been proved by many practical cases that royal jelly and propolis can help to treat the prostatic disorders. If men of old age could take the royal jelly in long term together with a healthy diet (as suggested above), they would be free from any prostatic disorders.    

(16)    Retard aging

The words ‘free radicals’ and ‘antioxidants’ are very popular in the area of anti-aging. Oxygen is a very active element on earth. Many creatures, including human beings, cannot live without oxygen. However, the excess of oxygen or oxygen ions present in the human bodies (or other creatures or substances) will have the damaging or deteriorative effects on the body cells which lead to the genesis of some diseases, including cancers and heart diseases, and the aging of the human bodies.  

Reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are ions or very small molecules, including oxygen ions, free radicals and peroxides, are produced as the byproducts in the normal metabolism of oxygen. In aerobic organisms, the energy needed to fuel the biological functions is produced in the mitochondria via electron transport chain. While energy is produced in the process, ROS are formed and have the potential to cause cellular damage.

ROS have important roles in cell signaling and apoptosis, and other positive effects on cell metabolism, such as the induction of host defense genes and metabolism of ion transport systems. However, during and over a period of environmental stresses (e.g., UV, heat exposure or ionizing radiation), ROS level will increase dramatically to inflict the significant damage to the cell structures. ROS, or usually called free radicals, can damage DNA, RNA and proteins. The damages of DNA, RNA and proteins in the human bodies contribute to, theoretically, the physiology of aging. It is estimated that the DNA in each cell receives the bombardments of ROS about 10,000 times every day. Luckily, the majority of this kind of bombardments is intercepted by a small amount of antioxidants, directly or indirectly, from the ingestion of daily food. Also the proteins damaged by the ROS can be remedied by the antioxidants. However, while the rate of accumulation of the ROS or free radicals is higher than the rate of such remedy by the proteins, i.e., ironically as the normal cells are too tired to clean up the free radicals, the accumulation of the free radicals or the rubbish produced from the oxidation will start to expand the rust-like damages from inside to outside of the body.

Since the ‘Father of the Free Radical Theory of Aging’, Prof. Denham Harman of the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, started his study on the cause of aging in 1954 at the Donner Laboratory of Medical Physics at U.C. Berkeley, the theory of aging in association with free radicals was then established. Over the past several decades since the establishment of the theory of free radicals in relation to aging, a number of laboratory studies done by the scientists on the effects of the antioxidant enzymes , such as SOD, catalase, glutathione peroxidase…etc., against the ROS, i.e., free radicals, on the mice and Drosophila, have proved Prof. Harman’s work. The results of these research studies over half of the past century show that there are strong evidences of the degenerative bio-functions in association with aging being induced by the oxidative stresses, i.e., oxidative damages caused by the accumulation of ROS. The antioxidants will help the retardation of aging by reducing the oxidants produced in the cell metabolism process. There are metabolites and enzymes being known as their anti-oxidative functions, such as Vitamins A, C &E, glutathione, SOD, catalase, peroxiredoxins…etc. Also some chemical compounds, amino acids, lipids and metal trace elements are important anti-oxidative nutrients in the anti-oxidation process.     

Royal jelly contains many antioxidants, such as Vitamins A, C & E, and the trace elements copper, iron and zinc. The various amino acids in royal jelly provide good and sufficient sources for the biosynthesis of other antioxidants, such as one of the  important antioxidants, glutathione, in the human bodies. Lipoic acid, which is another amino acid in the royal jelly, is another strong antioxidant in protecting the cell membranes.  

Current studies show that oxidative damages contribute to senescence as a result of the accumulation of ROS, causing the decrease in organism’s fitness.  One of the most notable symptoms of aging is the memory declination. The accumulation of oxidative damages to the brain may lead to cognitive dysfunction which is one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease usually occurring amongst the elderly. Being known as the natural and pure acetylcholine, royal jelly invigorates the brain, as explained in above section (6), and lowers oxidative level in the brain through the action of acetylcholine. This helps to reverse the memory degradation due to the accumulation of ROS along with the age.

This could be imagined that the synergistic functions of the antioxidants and other nutrients in royal jelly could effectively induce the retardation of aging. Taking the proper diet in respect to the healthy and anti-aging benefits, i.e., more grains, vegetables and fruits, along with the royal jelly will certainly achieve the best result of maintaining good health and a more rejuvenated appearance.     

(17) Assist in Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes is a life time disease to which presently no drugs could completely cure. If the drugs for the treatment of diabetes have been used for a long period, side effects to the body are inevitable. If taking royal jelly to assist in the treatment of diabetes, the drug dosage could be reduced so that the side effects caused by the drugs would be alleviated as royal jelly has no side effect. The auxiliary treatment of diabetes by royal jelly only has effects on diabetes Type II, not Type I.
The main reasons of the auxiliary treatment effects of royal jelly on diabetes Type II are,
(a) The function of the insulin-like peptide contained in the royal jelly is a potent substance in the auxiliary treatment of diabetes Type II because the molecular structure of the insulin-like peptide has close similarity to the bovine insulin.
(b) For Type II diabetic patients, part of their β-cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas are damaged so insulin cannot be produced properly and sufficiently. Royal jelly helps the regeneration of the damaged β-cells so as to restore the production of insulin.
(c) The trace elements in the royal jelly also play part of the role in the treatment of diabetes. Cr (chromium) is part of the GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor), having important role in the sugar and lipid metabolism. Mg (magnesium) has the regulation function in the β-cells of the islets of Langerhans so as to improve the level of sugar metabolism and to lower the risk of angiopathy complication. Ni (nickel) is a part of the enzymes of insulin. Ca (calcium) affects the secretion of the insulin. Zn (zinc) helps to maintain the structure and functions of insulin.
The trace elements existing in the royal jelly are of good bio-active functions so that they have the effective auxiliary treatment functions to the diabetes Type II.
(d) Multi-vitamins contained in royal jelly help to keep the sugar and lipid metabolism in balance, assisting in lowering the high blood lipid level and high blood sugar level of the obese people. Also the acetylcholine present in the royal jelly (1 g of royal jelly contains 1mg acetylcholine) has the functions of lowering the blood pressure and blood sugar.
(e) The diabetic patients usually have the disorder of protein metabolism. The proteins present in the muscle are broken down to amino acids, which then enter into the liver via blood to form glucose, causing the increase of sugar level. Royal jelly helps to promote the synthesis of protein so as to assist in lowering the sugar level.

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What are the differences of HYYS Potent Royal Jelly from the other royal jelly products?

As cited by its name, Potent Royal Jelly (PRJ), HYYS’ royal jelly will give the people with the noticeable results in the following areas, especially those being tormented by the chronic fatigue and nasal allergic symptoms, after taking the PRJ for 3 to 5 days,

-  Significant boost-up of body energy and suppression of feeling of fatigue;

-  Relief of nasal allergic symptoms, such as sneezing and running nose;

-  Improvement of sleeping quality; and

-  Improvement of health and gain in weights for those with dystrophy and malnutrition

The above effects achieved after a short period of time, i.e., 3 to 5 days, of ingestion of PRJ prove the effectiveness of the PRJ in comparison to the other royal jelly products. The high effectiveness of HYYS’ royal jelly is because

-  each tablet contains 100% pure royal jelly with more variety of nutrients and high nutrient concentrations after being processed by the modified lyophilization technique; and

-  the preservation of part of the highly active ‘R’ substances, called ‘R1’ active substance, in each tablet.

Other royal jelly products available in the market, especially those made from the traditional processes, do not contain the ‘R1’ active substance and would have less variety of nutrients or lower concentration of the nutrients in comparison to the PRJ. The ‘R1’ substance is a potent substance in the areas of metabolism and immunity. The synergistic functions of ‘R1’ substance and other nutrients in the PRJ contribute the significant differences between the PRJ and other traditional royal jelly products in respect to the breadth and depth of the health benefits.

Who should be cautious or warned of the adverse effects before taking the royal jelly?

Some people are allergic to certain kinds of food, such as nuts, dairy products, eggs…etc., and some would have acute allergic reactions against drugs. Although royal jelly is a natural food, it has many nutrients to which some people may have allergic reactions. For those who have the records of food or drug allergies should be cautious and advised to seek consultations from the medical professionals before taking royal jelly.

Children, especially under the age of 12, with normal nutritional intake and growth are not advised to take royal jelly unless allowed by the medical professionals. There may be adverse effects on the metabolism of the children who are in the fast growing period with sufficient nutrients.

The pregnant women are not encouraged to take royal jelly which would have disturbing effects on the immunity, metabolism and endocrine system of the pregnant women. As a result, the growth of the fetus would be affected. So medical advice is needed before taking the royal jelly by the pregnant women.

People who have the chronic autoimmune diseases, such as SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosis), rheumatoid arthritis…etc, should not take royal jelly, unless supervised by the medical professionals. The royal jelly is a potent health food to promote the immunity of the human bodies. The increase of immunoglobulins and immune compounds in the body due to the intake of royal jelly will induce and worsen the autoimmune diseases.   

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